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Monitor your 10 mobile phones and 10 Remote PC from one dashboard. Only $49.95 / Year
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Easily track desktops, laptops, and mobile phones all in one place.

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MOBILE Spy and Remote PC Spy Features.

Monitor your business or loved ones, and keep them SAFE.

Mobile Spy India

Mobile Real-Time Monitoring

Record Calls

Mobile Spy is a powerful software application that is designed to automatically record all phone calls made on a target device and securely store them for the future.

Record Phone Surroundings

This feature allows users to remotely record surrounding conversations using a phone’s microphone.


Track mobile phone location in real time.

Real-Time Screen Shots

Capture live screenshots of the user’s screen.

Desktop Monitoring
Monitor Local and Remote PC from ONE Dashboard

Access your data from anywhere in the world with ease.

Our PC software enables you to remotely access PC data from anywhere in the world. Even if the data is deleted from the PC, you can be confident that it is still securely stored on our server.

Webcam that triggers motion detection

Our webcam with motion detection capabilities transmits captured images directly to our server. This ensures that the webcam only records images when motion is detected, which optimizes efficiency and reduces data storage requirements.


Easily monitor multiple desktops from a single dashboard and conveniently review the data at a later time. This feature is particularly useful when monitoring remote workers.


Manage remote desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from a single dashboard.


Desktop Monitoring in Real Time

Real-time desktop surveillance.

Our real-time remote desktop monitoring feature lets you see a remote desktop in real-time, as if you were seated right in front of it.

View webcam’s in real-time from a remote location.

Real-time monitoring of remote webcams: Observe the webcam feed from a remote location in real-time..

Control remote desktop.

Take command of a remote desktop and interact with it as if you were physically present.

Upload/Download/Run Files

File upload/download: Upload, download, and run files on the remote PC.

Bypass Firewalls no configuration is needed.

Our PC Spy Software uses reverse connection, eliminating the need for firewall configuration. There is no requirement to add firewall rules.

No Port Forwarding needed.

This uses a reverse connection, so there’s no inbound traffic and no need for port forwarding on your router

Undetected Stealth App.

Not detected by most common anti virus software in the market.

Get Reports on Demand or Realtime

Keylogger, Time Spent on Internet, WebSite Visited, Time PC Active, Stored Chrome Username/Passwords ect.

Mobile Spy App + Remote PC Spy App
Why ours is better?

Competitively Priced. 
You can monitor 10 mobile devices and 10 remote PC's for $49.95 a Year. That is only $4.16 a month.
No Jail break is required for most function's. . 
You do not need to jail-break the phone for most functions to work. And, for desktop, you would just install the app.
True  true lightweight app.  Does not consume phone resources . 
The code is done in Android Native. This makes the code more efficient. And, we only added functions that are needed to to get the job done.
Comes with plenty of other useful Tools . 
In addition to our monitoring features, we offer various tools to keep your PC safe, including Folder Hider, Clear Tracks Utility, Lost PC Tracking, Secure File Deletion, and File Encryption with your own key.

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